Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Penelope Promise is here, it only took me ten weeks to write about her!!

Oh Penelope!! She has taken my heart on a WILD ride, I am so in love! For the first weeks it was painful to put her down, so unnatural feeling actually. I felt with every passing moment of staring, starry eyed at my girl, that something deep was happening within my heart. It was and is!

This is the first time in 4 years that we took our baby home from the hospital. Hearing our baby cry and picking her up at the first sound, is a gift. It brings with it so many emotions to watch her move her legs wildly, to kiss her face with no tubes, to hold her close without monitors whispering or blaring at me, to nurse her whenever I want, not because someone told me too, to snuggle her with no interference, to kiss her, love her without fear or anticipation of the hard road ahead and to be me without someone watching over my shoulder in a curtained off area.

This is a small list of the beauty of her life and the restoring power it has had to my heart. I knew that having Phoenix in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit was hard on my heart and a crazy 3 months, but Penelope has been a vivid reminder of that painful time. Such a stark contrast and I am savoring every moment and allowing myself to feel at the deepest levels, the loss of those days at home with Phoenix. Moving forward in Joy and resoration! I love it.

Penelope Promise is so sweet,lovely,cuddly and chubbing up good. We are attached, she goes everywhere with me and not just cause she's nursing, I am just enamored and enjo having her by my side. Looking forward to all that is to come for her life and the Promises it holds.

Don't worry I still ADORE my boys, they are precious in everyway and adjusting in their own ways.Phoenix is growing stronger each day and I am amazed by his progress and his determination. He inspires me daily with his strength and desire to work hard at reaching new milestones. He just started smiling at me instead of screaming everytime I looked his direction. He became very attached to Mike while I was pregnant for many reasons, but mainly because physically i couldn't tote him around all day. Papa willingly did and does always. He's so committed to him not feeling left out, just the other day he was playing football with him in one arm while throwing with the other. Superman indeed, with a Super heart, love him so.

Rowan, is showing his need for attention in totally different ways, he loves me and follows me closely if I am available. I love who he's growing into as a brother and son. He often asks to hold Penelope and makes Phoenix laugh consistently. I love his compassionate nature. He wants me to look and watch every new thing he does (this might be a 4yr.old thing), which is helpful for me to stop and give him my attention.Discovering that he is cute, we've caught him making faces in the mirror and smiling often. As well as discovering what he is capable of doing!

Life has only picked up the pace in most ways. Hard to believe we've been back in Wisconsin for 9 mo. and I am continuing to smile at the craziness of our lives, always changing! Phoenix therapy schedule and the additional daily routines added to us. We are so grateful to be a part of life here and to continue watching our lives unfold as they will!

Mike and I are doing well and are getting away for an overnight this weekend for our 6 yr. anniversary.Been thinking back on the highlights of each year, so thankful for Mike and how perfect he is for me! WOW, it has been an extraordinary 6 years and I have loved all that God has done in us through the trials and blessings!! I am more ecstatic today than I was the day I married him, to spend the rest of our lives together. He is my best friend and we make a GREAT team, most days =}

We love you all and thank you for reading, loving and praying for us.