Monday, October 26, 2009

Everyday, Every Moment Miracles...

My Aunt Tricia gave me this onesie for Phoenix, it is my most favorite to date. It reads MIRACLE on the front and has angel wings buttoned on the back. As I was spending time with a dear friend of mine this weekend in the thickness of conversation about all the hard trials we face in life. I would look over at this onesie and think about all the Miracles we do get to see and how sometimes they are just right there in our face and we take them for granted daily. How my heart can ache so deeply with a friends, how my son who along with so many other complications had legs that were stuck straight out with no ability to even be bent, now bend and have layers of chubbiness, how my husband is my best friend and greatest advocate of my dreams in this life, how Rowan changes and loves more deeply daily, how my brother in law stopped his life to help us and be apart of this journey, how so many love and fight and believe with us for all our dreams, and .... So much more, I could just keep going.

But my point is for you to stop and think and thank God for all the day to day miracles you over look and to appreciate the trials as gifts that inspire us to love deeper and judge less. Judging less is the greatest mountain to climb I feel, but I feel so amazed when I am able to do that and the beauty of embracing a person where they are, as they are is exactly how Jesus lived daily. Been thinking about all the judgements, maybe just in my heart that I pass and that I feel passed, how hurtful they are and how I have no right, because if I really knew the depths of what they are facing i would find myself crying with them rather than judging them. Being able to be the Miracle that they need that day, maybe just the miracle of kindness. Simple but beautiful!!

We had a good week and a GREAT weekend with my friend Katie and her daughter Kayla, Rowan and her hit it off instantly and really enjoyed there time together. Katie is one of my dearest friends from Cosmetology School, we became friends the first week of school. Pretty much were inseperable for the rest of our year. She is one of the kindest, most sincere and generous in giving of herself that I have known and I feel blown away by her continually. So glad that she came and we were able to have a chunk of time doing life together, it was too quick, but so refreshing.

Phoenix did not have his Mri or Opthamologist appointment as he was congested and had a cold. He has to be sedated for the Mri so they rescheduled for November 2nd. That was a relief to me. This week we have follow-up with plastic surgeoun, neurosurgeoun, and physical therapy. Mike is doing great in school, he has 92% average and really is enjoying it. We went out with some of his fellow classmates on friday night to celebrate a big test being over. It was really great for us to have people to connect with. Rowan is growing up everyday and he is funnier every sentence, I am so in love with all that he is becoming. Finally me, while I guess the first two paragraphs sum up me, but I am doing well and learning daily about the beauty and fight of life and Love that God walks beside me in it all.

Love to you all and i count each one of you a Miracle in our lives, thank you.

Friday, October 16, 2009

One little life= IMPACTING

Just returned to Texas on Wednesday, Chicago was a much needed time of encouragement, love and blessing on so many levels. Though I am thankful for our season here, with very little on our plate outside of the day to day Dr. appointments and family. I realized what a difference family and friends make, and left me longing for HOME.

We did not STOP while we were home, but every minute and every conversation brought life to my heart. I realized to some extent the impact Phoenix' life has had and it was so eye opening to watch and hear as people told me what his little life has changed in their lives, and those were the ones that could put words to his impact. There were so many who could not but I knew they have been changed. Everytime I was moved deeply and found myself thanking God for all that he was and is doing through our family's life.

You see sometimes when we walk through hard things or make a hard decision we have no idea the ripple affect of that one trial. We sometimes are blessed enough to get a glimpse and it is then that we are blown away, let me say, "I am BLOWN AWAY." Friends of mine from growing up hosted a Benefit for our family and it was a HIT, they raised money to help us care for Phoenix and his road ahead and it ahs lifted a huge burden. So many people I haven't seen in years came to support us and love us and so many friends came together to plan it all and make it a success. We are loved and love that everyone Celebrates and Fight for his life with us.

Rowan needed this trip as well and his very demeanor is Full of life and joy again, I love that!! Even though he returned home with a cold, he is more content and growing up so quickly. Mike loved seeing his friends and meet some of mine. Phoenix was a doll the whole time, he's such a easy baby.

Well that is what has filling my heart and THANK YOU to all of you that are walking this road with us and for all your help through prayer, finances and friendship. We could not do it without you all.

This coming Monday is Phoenix MRI for his eyes, please pray as they will have to sedate him and that is so hard for me. As well we are HOPING and Praying for a miracle with his optic nerves. They are saying that they did not develop while he was in utero. I know that many of you are in agreement that Phoenix will be able to see and I know that it will take a Miracle, since currently that is not the case. I have seen improvement on his focusing since our trip home, many prayed for him. We are hoping for only more and more.