Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Reuwer Update: PLEASE PRAY with US!


Truly we need a miracle Phoenix's body to happen, or we Return to Boston next week for a Full undoing of the Surgery! Here's the video with the details and I have edited together 2 emails to compose a more in depth explanation of these last weeks for us. 

This breakdown/ wounds happened over weeks and we did not know it was happening because he had a full non removable bandage on for a month after surgery. In those first weeks he was bed bound and on his back so Obviously loads of pressure on these areas, now we are positioning on his sides at night to take pressure off and changing his position every 2-3 hours and doing wound care. So I truly believe time could heal them. When Phoenix was in the Nicu, we had to wait 12 weeks for them to grow a skin graph and to allow the skin on his back to regenerate.Over the weekend as some of you know Phoenix wounds got worse in some ways, on one side you can now see the hardware. 

The push for removing everything is because of infection, open wounds have a high risk of infection and it could spread to hardware and The bone quickly... 

Phoenix has no signs of infection, but has been on an antibiotic...

I find it amazing that in 24 hours our perspective and the overwhelmingness of it I'll can change so quickly just through the nearness of God and the ability to see from different angles alongside him and BECAUSE YOU are all carrying it with us. This will be detailed, but I want to give you all of it, so that you can understand our process and the reasoning in the days ahead. OK!!! Here we go!

Yesterday at our Appointment in Milwaukee. The Orthopedic Surgeon, Plastics, wound care and all other medical team members in unison recommended hardware removal (taking out the rods and ALL OF it) too, the issue is that the hardware has been exposed and metal gets infection and can not fight it off. It seems like they may not have been a good fit for Phoenix's structural makeup, the pressure and breakdown and that`. And even without signs/ symptoms there is no way of knowing what is breeding and when we'll fight that battle of infection, or if we'll fight it for years to come with many other much more severe side effects.  So even if the wounds healed, it is a danger to keep them in. 

Also, The wounds have continued to worsen and they are at this point doing what is called "tunneling" which is a red flag and does point to the issue of healing not being the skin as much as the bodies way of rejecting the hardware. When skin breaks down it is usually from the outside in. That means it will then heal healthily. Because Phoenix's is progressively seeming like the breakdown is from the inside (like the hardware attacking or causing skin breakdown) they believe that no matter how many things they try to repair it, the root of the problem is the hardware, not the pressure from laying on these spots  or that he doesn't have fatty tissue there to protect it. In talking with all the specialists we have felt strongly aware that so much of Phoenix's recovery has pointed to signs of rejection. His length of immobility and pain, he's consistently uncomfortable and though off almost all pain meds, has still not fully adapted to or gained back his physical strength or endurance... However we were just told and thought that he was just adapting to a new body and so his road of healing was longer than others... 

Once Mike had this appointment and we heard all of this detail we were obviously aware of OUTSIDE of a MIRACLE, we are going back to Boston. So in typical Reuwer fashion, we are reaching to God but also having to make plans for a surgical date and logistics. I do believe having this week is a total gift from God. All day Mike and Boston and Milwaukee worked together to nail down logistics. ****Phoe's surgery is scheduled for the 20th, 6 days from today, outside of a Miracle this week, which we are hopefully awaiting. We are working out plane tickets (which are crazzzzy Expensive right now, and all the other logistics here at home, so that I an go at least for a couple days ).

Not at all what we expected, but HIS ways are always truly higher and I feel so confident in God's ability to heal Phoenix, so that's what I am asking for this week. 

Honestly there is SO MUCH Peace in both of our hearts in either Road. Something God did in our hearts through Evan's life, is taught us to Ask For His Will and Hope for the MIRACLE that we want, but in the end No matter what the real MIRACLE is, HE is God and Faithful and we will not be shaken or devastated that it looks differently than we hoped for, because he love to reveal himself through it all and be nearer than any other, so many times we have come back to this gift in Trusting again and again in asking. 

I believe and Trust His Wisdom, as often in our life His miracles look very differently than our desired heart breaks as I hate to watch Phoe and our family go through it all, but I have to give my energy to this day and week and Asking... And to helping both Mike and I  wrap our hearts and minds around it all. 

We always flip Flop in whom feels the weight and emotion of it. And truly in the last 10 hours, we can see the benefits (which is a miracle, as we were soooo Shocked when Phoenix's surgeon recommended it, just 24 hours ago) 

Mike has battled with the questions that run through your heart and mind whenever you follow God's lead somewhere and it looks NOTHING like you thought... He has continued to find a resting place and This morning I woke up to the strong lie of the enemy and accusation of us making the wrong choice in this road, and others analyzing and thinking this (that is always when I know it's the enemies work) wondering or thing about how others may judge our life... I had not felt or struggled with this road of thinking yet and actually have felt the opposite the last few days in the midst of the shocking news, I have known the Assurance of God that he had chosen this path for us and has great purpose in it all. And like so many times in our life we can not even fathom what He is doing. 

So please pray for our hearts and minds this week, that we can walk out each day in peace not running to next week and that all the logistics that we have to line up we would continue to know Grace, provision and peace as we move forward and YET stay in a stance of waiting.

That our other children and Phoenix would know supernatural peace.

That Phoenix's body would not show infection and that we would see a MIRACLE healing.

Love you all and am so very thankful that God has joined us with an army of others who lift this life beside us! 


  1. Prayers and love to all of you!!!

  2. I agree, according to Matt 18:18-19, 1 Peter 2:24, and Psalm 91:16. Exodus 14:14 - your part is to hold your peace. I will pray sincerely for your family Megan. <3 Allie